Our greatest satisfaction is enriching
the lives of fellow believers.

This was an Amazing Trip! I was able to experience this trip with my sisters, Mother-in-Law and “now” Life-Long Friends from our church (MAG) and several other churches. They will no longer be just an “acquittance” but a “True Friend” with memories. There was several different backgrounds of faith but we all found a common goal….Yeshua! I was blessed beyond belief!
I loved the fact that the entire trip was done as a biblical and fact-finding journey. My first “Awe” moment was on the Sea of Galilee. I struggled to contain my emotions! And to this day, every time I think about it or talk to my friends I get all choked up and start to cry all over again. Just the thought of knowing that Jesus walked on this water and calmed the storm puts me “On Location” and tugs at my heart for a more bountiful relationship with Christ!
There was so much to see and do and to just follow in our Lord’s foot path is a trip that I will never forget. It is true, …..that you feel that you leave a piece of your heart there in Israel when you return home!
I am still amazed at all the “traditions” that I believed and what the “true facts” are biblically. This has changed the need for me to know and to learn what is fact and not just tradition. So, I will continue on this journey here at home and seek and learn more about the history of Jesus and Israel.
Thank You Olive Branch Messenger Tours! (Diane, Kevin, Maureen, Stacy, Mike and Adam)
— Sherry Pence
I loved the food, the team and the atmosphere on/off the bus! Great memories of the stop (in Shilo) when Mike jumped off the bus and surprised us with the most delicious dessert EVER!
— LG, Miamisburg, OH
I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to join you all in the trip to Israel. I really like the area of the Galilee, the lake and surroundings are absolutely beautiful and just knowing that Jesus and his disciples spent a great deal of time there just made it feel like home. The teaching from Dianne, Kevin and Danny was amazing and has really opened my eyes as I realize now just how little knowledge I actually have even after reading the bible as a Christian for well over 30 years now. It was a wonderful experience and we are very thankful.
— TG, Miamisburg, OH
What impacted me the most was the enlightening teachings.
I want to express my appreciation for each of you. Your testimony, insight and presence on this remarkable journey where our Heavenly Father journeyed has touched me deeply.
— P.S., Miamisburg, OH
To be able to walk the lands of the Bible was a life-changing experience for me. It gave context to the scriptures in a way never experienced before. And, it sparked an interest in me to study and gain more understanding about our Jewish roots. Studying scriptures from a Hebraic perspective has taken me deeper in my comprehension and application to my life.
— KW, Dayton, OH
Visiting Israel in March of 2010 had such an impact on me. Seeing the places that I’ve read about all my life, walking the steps that Jesus walked - I can’t describe the feeling. It’s a trip I will never forget, and I truly wouldn’t trust anyone more to guide me through that spiritual experience than Dianne with Olive Branch Messenger Tours.
— B. Puterbaugh, Dayton, OH
I recommend Olive Branch Tours - I feel that we visited more sites than most other tours.
— AG, Centerville, OH
We could not have been on a more wonderful, inspiring trip. We plan to return.
— J&L Z., Hartland, WI
A lot for your money!
— OS, Michigan City, IN
Thanks for the opportunity - I liked the size of the group and the learning experiences. It was a great time and I plan to join you again, soon!
— Pastor LC, Miamisburg, OH